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Welcome to our not-for profit Internet History Timeline project!

The Internet is perhaps the single most drastic development in human communication to date. Of course, the Internet has evolved over time. It is a result of what we call Networking Science.

Internet Milestones
Social Web Usage

The Internet is also directly related to the rapid development in computing and Computer Science. Without compute, what would the Internet really be? Arguably we should make this timeline about compute and the Internet, covering both network and computer science milestones, but we would probably become overwhelmed. So while we cannot completely separate the two, we lean more heavily on the networking science part.

  • What have been some of the major Network Science milestones and events that have shaped the Internet over its history?

This WIKI has been a pet project at CellStream to answer those questions.

We found many sites with various information, but we were always frustrated by

  • missing links and events
  • oversimplification of a complex history (everyone wants it brief and therefore inexact)
  • lack of images and pictures of the people and technology (although we see Wikipedia has started to improve this).

Furthermore, while some folks had similar projects they often stopped working on them with recent history completely missing, and therefore even more frustrating as the Internet continues to evolve, arguably even faster than it did in the 1990's.

We separated this work from our Telecom History Timeline project as the Internet itself deserves special treatment.

The history of the Internet is being written daily. We think that understanding the technologies and events from where it all started, as well as the important highlights along the way is revealing and fascinating. Furthermore, it has had such a huge impact on society that it continues to deserve watch and record.

We hope visitors find enjoyment in our work as the information contained inside is full of facts gathered from a variety of sources. If you would like to work with us on this project, please let us know.

The "Internet" is a word that was derived from the word "Internetworking" - the communication between multiple computers, people, or networks. You can see the growth of the Internet over time as represented by the growth of the BGP tables over time:

The latest Active BGP Table for IPv4

The latest Active BGP Table for IPv6

Here is an interesting historical view of the Internet thanks to the great folks at Historical View of the AS Core Select any of the pages below:

Before 1957

1957 and 1958 – the start of a new network

Internet 1959

Internet 1960

Internet 1961

Internet 1962

Internet 1963

Internet 1964

Internet 1965

Internet 1966

Internet 1967-1968

Internet 1969

Internet 1970

Internet 1971

Internet 1972

Internet 1973

Internet 1974

Internet 1975

Internet 1976

Internet 1977

Internet 1978

Internet 1979

Internet 1980

Internet 1981

Internet 1982

Internet 1983

Internet 1984

Internet 1985

Internet 1986

Internet 1987

Internet 1988

Internet 1989

Internet 1990

Internet 1991

Internet 1992

Internet 1993

Internet 1994

Internet 1995

Internet 1996

Internet 1997

Internet 1998

Internet 1999

Internet 2000

Internet 2001

Internet 2002

Internet 2003

Internet 2004

Internet 2005

Internet 2006

Internet 2007

Internet 2008

Internet 2009

Internet 2010

Internet 2011

Internet 2012

Internet 2013

Internet 2014

Internet 2015

Internet 2016

Internet 2017

The following sources have been used or are in use in building this information on Internet History: